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              eTuitions has the unique combination required for E-Learning initiatives – 1) Technology and 2) Academic Knowledge Base. It has always been a notion that technology and academics don’t meet quickly - at least for practical usage. We changed this notion and integrated technology with academics. This is our success story. Result - Thousands of Students across the globe getting help to excel in their academic and professional curriculum.

                All course activities; tutor support, peer interaction and assessment take place online. Students progress by attending         eTuitions conducted by experienced and supportive faculties (No Recorded Web casts). Pre-Supplied web-based course materials, and taking part in collaborative activities like Interactive Problem solving, enable students understand better.

                All timetables and deadlines are outlined in the Study Guide, which is sent at the start of the course after considering the Academic Schedule of Student's syllabi.

       What eTuitions offers? 

1.       Professionally designed e-class rooms - that conforms to usability and accessibility standards

2.       Online delivery - there is no need to attend the classes physically at any time 

3.        Full support - from highly experienced, expert tutors who will provide advice and guidance from the start to the end of classes.
Our faculties are highly qualified and carefully selected / trained to be expert online tutors delivering right things to the student community

4.        Vast resources – With over one and half decades of experience in providing education we have created state of the art study notes to help students understand subjects and excel in their examinations.

5.        Detailed and constructive feedback - on assessed activities
Communication with course peers, enabling networking and the sharing of ideas and experiences. Many activities will be collaborative.

6.  Knowledge Pooling- Wherever knowledge pooling is needed then faculty would organize online group discussions even by involving guest lectures / other stream teachers

How Students/Parents are to benefit from eTuitions? 

1.       Enthusiasm for online learning, and for communicating with peers 

2.       Convenient scheduling of class timings based on individual requirements  

3.       Opportunity to learn from best of the best faculties available across locations 

4.      Nurturing presentation, group discussion, consulting and problem solving         skills 

5.       Good opportunity to interact with students and faculties across locations and get to know about various academic paths 

6.       Save cost on traveling, Locating the right faculty

7.       No need of physical travel to classes - so absolute safety by avoiding road, rail, and car travels 

8.       Commitment to study by typically logging on from home, the time to maintain this commitment during the course 

9.       The discipline to study at a distance, to communicate with people you may never see - would improve communication and convincing abilities 

10.     All basic training for using email, web-conferencing, web-searching, word-processing, power point presentations will enable students to become tech-savvy

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